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If you are interested in running Client Experience Research for your business, we would like you to complete a few questions.

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Client Experience Benchmarking Research

The client insights collected by this very engaging and effective online client survey provides you with the key diagnostic information about your practice’s current strengths and weaknesses from your clients perspective. It will give you the insights you have been looking for and allow you to have a 'line of sight' focus on your current client experience ensuring your business continues to grow.

The Research also provides important practice benchmarking across your industry which allows you to really understand your competitor advantage.

CXInsights skilfully manages all aspects of the Research for you, keeps you updated to the hour by your ability to access your very own 'Practice Portal'. Using our significant experience we are able drive up the client response rates, in most cases above 30% which gives you great confidence in the insights and findings.

What our participants have said

"Your online survey is an excellent way to promote wider feedback on the quality of your service. It was easy to understand, navigate and respond to"

Adam N, QLD

"Yes, a very straight forward and uncomplicated survey to complete"

Ella M, NSW

"Short surveys increase likelihood of participation. Honesty about time required to complete enhances your credibility. So thank you!"

Luke P, SA